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Cookie Policy

Most websites you visit will use cookies to help customise your experience. A Cookie is a small file placed on your computer's hard drive. It enables our website to identify your computer as you view different pages on our website. Cookies allow websites and applications to store your preferences in order to present content, options or functions that are specific to you. They also enable us to see information such as how many people use the website and what pages are viewed.

Use of cookies on our website

Please see below a list of all cookies we use along with an explanation about them:

First-party cookies

The website utilises several first-party cookies (cookies set by the website itself) to allow for the website to function properly. These can be seen below:

_plumbs_mcode_sourceused for M Code tracking
_plumbs_ref_trackused for referral & UTM tracking
laravel_sessionsession cookie
XSRF-TOKENcross-site request forgery token   
_plumbs_fabric_back_linkused to store the fabric detail page back link
_plumbs_fab_wishlistused to store the visitor’s wishlist
_plumbs_fab_wishlist_popupused to store whether the wishlist popup has been shown    
_plumbs_exit_intentused to store whether the exit intent has been shown
_plumbs_vanity_urlused to store the visitor’s vanity URL
_plumbs_covid_banner_hide   used to store whether the COVID Banner has been hidden
TrackingHomeVisitIDused to store the home visit request unique ID
_plumbs_cookie_consent_banner_closedused to store whether the cookie banner has been closed
_plumbs_performance_cookies_acceptedused to store whether performance cookies have been accepted

Third-party cookies

The website also utilises multiple third-party tracking scripts and functionality which set their own cookies in order to function. They have been split up into recommended classifications, but these should be reviewed and altered as required.

Necessary cookies


Placed by Cloudflare when the website has ‘Bot fight mode’ enabled

Performance cookies

The cookies within this section are used to help web site owners to understand how their
visitors engage with their properties. Performance cookies collect information and report site usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors.


Placed by HotJar to denote if a visitor has been included in a session sample


Placed by HotJar to denote if a visitor has been included in a page view sample


Placed by HotJar to denote if a visitor is part of an in-progress session


Placed by Hotjar to denote if HotJar cookies can be used across multiple subdomains


Placed by HotJar to denote if it’s the first time the visitor has seen the website 


Placed by HotJar to store a unique ID against the visitor      


Placed by Google to identify website visitors  


Placed by Google to track clicks from Google Ad links 


Placed by Google to persist the Analytics session


Placed by Google Optimize to determine if a visitor is included in an A/B test 


Placed by Google to identify website visitors


Placed by AWIN to denote if the visitor has come through an affiliate source


Placed by Facebook to store a unique identifier

 Advertising cookies

The cookies within this section may be set by third parties, such as Google. They may be used to build a profile of interests and show relevant advertisements on other sites. They do not directly store personal details but do uniquely identify browsers and internet devices.

 __adal_sesPlaced by Adalyser to determine which conversions happened within the current browsing session
__adal_cwPlaced by Adalyser to link conversions back to earlier visits
__adal_caPlaced by Adalyser to store which campaign drove a visitor to the website
__adal_idPlaced by Adalyser to uniquely identify the visitor
_uetsidPlaced by Bing Ads to persist the visitor’s browsing session
_uetvidPlaced by Bing Ads to uniquely identify the visitor
dtm_token_scPlaced by Conversant to uniquely identify the visitor
dtm_tokenPlaced by Conversant to uniquely identify the visitor


We will always hold your information securely. To prevent unauthorised disclosure or access to your information, we follow stringent procedures to ensure we work with all personal data in line with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.

Manage website cookies

We respect your "do not track" browser settings, and block performance and advertising cookies if you have it enabled, but will still store necessary cookies to keep website features working. If you would like to block performance and advertising cookies, click here.

How to manage cookies

Managing your cookies is different depending on the web browser you are using. For full details on how to manage your cookies please follow the instructions from the web browser manufacture directly.
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

These links are to third party sites, over which we have no control. No liability can be claimed if they are inaccurate.

Please bear in mind that if you do this, certain personalised features of this website cannot be provided to you.

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